The school library is a part and parcel of school setup. The library awakens and fosters reading habits among children and young students. School has a library which is well stocked with the latest books. The aesthetically designed library provides just the right ambience for pursuing studies. There are two library periods per week. Students are encouraged to make full use of the facilites in order to inculcate a love for books and habit of reading from an early age.

Computer Training

School provides computer learning for classes 3rd to 10th.There are well equipped laboratories with computers on LAN, multimedia and internet facility is also available for the children. We have two separate computer labs for junior and senior students. The students are sent to different schools within the station and outside the station to take part in interschool activities. The school has won many interschool and national level competitions.

Sport and yoga

As we know that sport play a pivotal role in shaping ones personality and good health.The school has spacious play field and well trained physical instructor.Sports is an indispensable part of school curriculum.There are games period for every class in the timetable.All the facilities are provided to our students in our school itself.We have proper equipments for all the major sports like Basketball,football,badminton and volleyball along with other indoor sports like carrom,chess,tabletennis etc.Sports are encouraged at interschool zone, distt., interstate and national level in varied disciplines like badminton, kabaddi, volleyball, chess, yoga, kho-kho, football etc. Mass participation of children is encouraged. The sport day is organized from time to time when students compete at interschool level with their counterpart in other house in varied athletic events games and sports. The school has won national level competitions in yoga also.

Art & Craft

-Art and craft room has got artistic paintings on the wall and stimulates your imagination. To make the children creative they are inspired to use the raw material and mould it into artistic designs which catches the imagination of on lookers. Learning art and craft is intended to unfold the all round development of junior and senior boys and girls and enable them to achieve the complete goal of their life. So children from primary, upper primary and seniors also enjoy learning art and craft. This also gives a diversion from text book teaching in the class. Every year students participate in many inter-school activities and receive prizes.

Medical facility In PMS

For us, the health of our students is of primary concern .Our school provides medical facility to the students and P.A.C hospital is also there where medical professionals are available round the clock. In case the child is not feeling well the teacher or the house parent takes the child to the doctor.Yearly checkups are held classwise for the students. Various activities are constantly carried out throughout the year for physical emotional and mental health of our students.


Life is colourless without music. Every child, every student is invoked to respond to music and its varied notes. Music room is decorated with important musical instruments like :- organ/ key board, Harmonium, Tabla, Congo, Bongo and Universal Guitar. In music it includes teaching of voval as well as instrumental knowledge of Indian claasical music which includes remembering and singing of Indian Ragas are also given significance while teaching music.


To meet the requirements of our students especially those in the secondary and senior secondary levels. Our science, department is equipped with excellent facilities in our physics, chemistry and biology laboratories.